Fiberglass Baptistry

A Water Tank and Baptism Pool  for Conducting Baptismal Services by Immersion

Fiberglass Baptistry

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For most of history, baptism services were held outdoors in ponds, creeks, lakes or even the ocean. This presented problems in winter and especially when ice covered the water.  In the mid 20th century, the process of using glass fibers, or fiberglass, to manufacture a tub which would hold water (like a bathtub) became prevalent, and the Fiberglass Baptistry industry was born.  It was no longer necessary to build a tank from steel, concrete, or pool liners. Now you can have a water holding tank installed in your church or building which can be used to immerse candidates for Baptism, all while enjoying the comfort of being indoors!
Fiberglass Baptistries



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General Baptistry Installation Diagram


Baptistry Installation


Fiberglass Baptistries

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